5 Ways Wireless Technology Helping Scale Businesses in India

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Dec 19 2021
Jpnovations Solutions

The advancement of wireless technology has been equally adopted by both big scale and small scale industries. Top businesses have borne the impact of wireless technology that forced them to change with the current scenario in order to stay in the race. Bluetooth, general packet radio service, wireless LANs technology, and Wi-Fi are all part of the advancement. Though the transition was not equally embraced by all the industries in the beginning, as they learned how businesses get to benefit from wireless technology, they soon made their migration. To help Indian businesses further escalate their growth, Jpnovations has further come up with unique wireless products(SEWA) for different businesses tailored to their industries.

5 Ways Wireless Technology Helping Scale Businesses in India

Why is Wireless Technology A Boon for Businesses?


One of the primary benefits of wireless technology is improved efficiency that helps in meeting critical business requirements at half the cost. Also, it improved customer satisfaction in parallel. 

Wireless technology took the industries by storm and caused a revolution when it was first introduced. 

Not only does wireless technology add value to your business, but at the same time, it makes everyone's lives easier along with the ease of doing business. 

Now, nobody wants to detach themselves from the advantage of simply clicking a button to check their email, their warehouse, or communicate.

Yet, many businesses, especially in India, are hesitant towards wrapping their business with technology because they are not sure if it's worth the risk. 

Well, to be honest, wireless technology is advancing at every moment. There is some improvement being done at some corner in the world of technology as you are reading this. 


You can improve the efficiency and functioning of your business with the help of wireless technology while remaining completely secure, and the benefits of wireless technology in Indian businesses are worth the effort. 


How Wireless Technology Helps Businesses Grow?


From the late 1980s, businesses, particularly logistics and suppliers, were struggling with the proprietary process system. 

Soon after, with the integration of advanced wireless technologies such as Bluetooth short-range wireless links, 802.11b wireless LANs, and general packet radio service (GPRS) cellular networks, businesses almost instantly witnessed a great reduction in their cost, an improved capacity and security, easier maintenance, along with a low operational cost. 


Some of the major areas where wireless technology had an impact are communication, flexibility, efficiency, real-time data, and network expansion. 


Five Ways in Which Wireless Technology is Helping Scale Businesses in India

A workplace equipped with wireless technology can improve mobility in business, make collaboration easier, enhance productivity and eliminate room for errors. 


Here are the top five wireless technologies from Jpnovations that can help your business grow. 


  • Waiter Calling System

The SEWA waiter calling system is transforming the way restaurants, and their staff interact with their customers. With a transmission range around 100 meters, the waiter calling system helps in building easy communication between kitchen and waiter, as well as waiter and customers respectively. 


Let me explain how. 

Imagine a common restaurant scenario. A guest walks in through the door, gets escorted to their table, and is served with the menu card and a beverage. 

After a while, the customer decides their order and is looking for the waiter. To grab the attention, the customer either has to make a gesture or call the waiter to place their order. 

Now here is how a wireless waiter calling system can make a difference. 

Once the customer arrives, they are greeted with a complimentary beverage, a menu card, and a wireless remote that has three buttons- Call, Drink, Bill, Cancel. 

The customer can then press the relevant button upon which the waiter receives the notification along with the table number and service required. 

Another way in which the technology helps is by building efficient communication between the kitchen and the waiter. 

Once the food is ready, the kitchen staff can send out the notification to the waiter along with the order number. The waiter can quickly act on it and always serve hot food to their customers. 


  • Nurse Calling System


Hospitals are always in dire need of advanced emergency alarm buttons, and the SEWA nurse calling system from Jpnovations ticks all the right boxes. 

The wireless nurse calling system comes with a 120 cm long flexible cord that can be fitted by a bedside unit, along with a button in the washroom for emergency situations. 

The wireless nurse calling system comes along with a led panel display installed at the nurse station that displays the room number from where the call of distress was made. 

Once the alarm rings on the Nurse station, the nurse hurry to the patient, reducing the chances of mishaps. This way, protecting patients in the hospital becomes efficient and seamless.


  • Panic Alarm System

All businesses need a panic alarm system that can be used for raising the alarm in an emergency situation to avoid accidents. 

The panic alarms system can be installed at any corner of the office, along with a receiver that can be installed at any designated location. The receiver comes along with a light and horn, which raises both visual and audible alerts. 

Not only for organizations, but the panic alarm system can also be installed in private residences too. 


  • Warehouse Automation

Wireless Warehouse Automation systems are designed to automate all the manual processes followed. 

Be it for calling or for technical support, the importance of wireless technology in business is unavoidable. 

The warehouse automation system works in an open area with a transmission range between 70-100mts. 

It comes along with three call buttons, with each button designated for a single purpose. The receiver has a 3-color LED indicator. Each color is designated to a call button. The indicator is installed at height and glows in different colors respective to the call button. 

Wireless warehouse automation is ideal for factories, packing lines, and production lines. Moreover, the display receiver is attached to a PC software that stores the TAT data for reporting and internal audits. 


  • Office Call System


Integrating an office call bell system for manual needs is the need of the hour for every organization today. It is a modern and advanced version of the conventional peon calling system, which simply helps in the time-saving and increased workflow. 

With a single press of the button, the attendant will be at your service. The wireless office call system comes along with a wireless button and a receiver in the form of a watch. 

When one presses the button, It sends the information (from where the call was made) to the receiver. 

The office call bell system works on wireless RF technology with a transmission range of 70-100meters in an open area. To increase the transmission range, signal boosters can be installed. 


Technology that Evolves with Businesses

Wireless technology delivers value to your business by improving productivity and making operations simpler. 

Wireless communication eventually fosters improved collaboration and also assists in identifying as well as resolving potential issues almost instantaneously. 

Business needs to either adapt to wireless technology to stay in the competition or fall behind and eventually fade away.