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About SEWACall™ wireless warehouse automation

The secret to success of factories, warehouses,packing/production lines is the productivity and efficiency of the processed followed in particular verticals. SEWACall™ wireless warehouse automation systems vowes to automate all the manual processes followed , either it be calling for technical support, material support, manual andons or any other. SEWACall™ wireless warehouse automation can help warehouses increase productivity and accuracy, reduce labor costs and improve safety.
Our customized solutions automates all the processes and also helps in various TAT analysis and response monitoring.

Automations magic

Automating existing processes followed, is no less than a magic in itself.

Better turnaround time

The systems directly notifies concerned person ,hence resulting in better turnaround time for requests.

Response monitoring

SEWACall™ software helps in data analysis for each of automations deployed.

Why SEWACall™?

SEWACall™ wireless warehouse automation are well developed as per latest technology trends that ensure to benefit the client business and their customers as well.
Increased service quality & customer satisfaction will ensure maximized revenue to our clients.

How warehouse automation works?

How warehouse automation works?

SEWACall™ wireless warehouse automation work on wireless RF technology with a transmission range of 70-100mts in open area and are 100% plug & play, battery operated systems.

  • Various types of SEWACall™ buttons can be used in diff applications. The A/B/C call button is installed at each packing station.Each button denotes different type of serivces required.
  • 3 color LED indicators are installed at height ,which glows with the color which is pressed on the SEWACall™ buttons.It helps in knowing the problem to the person on the go.
  • The panic alarm is installed at designated place,if required in case of any emergency.
  • The display reciver is connected to the pc kept at the service area and all calls are shown in the PC software as well and storing TAT data for internal audits and reportings.
  • Signal boosters are optional , which are used in case of increase the transmission distance if needed in any case.

Advantages of warehouse automation

  • Automated Systems.
  • Better turnaround time.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Less worker strain and fatigue.
  • Improved worker satisfaction.
  • Fewer injuries.
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Increased accuracy.
  • Discrete communication.
  • Response monitoring.
  • Wireless installation.
  • Low maintenance cost system.
  • Technology oriented and user friendly.
Advantages of warehouse automation

A VIDEO can help you in gaining a better insight about the SEWACall™ systems.

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Product Range

SEWACall™ wireless warehouse automation has variety of products that are put together to build up a best solution to fulfil your any complex requirements.
The system have various transmitters and receivers , monitoring softwares which are combined to make typical solutions to be used in various business areas.

SEWA Call Button

SEWA Call Button

SEWA Multikey Button

SEWA Multikey Button

Watch receiver

Watch receiver

Led Indicator

Led Indicator

Display Receiver [ <i class='fa fa-usb' aria-hidden='true'></i> ]

Display Receiver [ ]

Panic Alarm

Panic Alarm

Signal Repeater

Signal Repeater

System Software

System Software

frequently asked questions

One always have a question on mind, please check below frequently asked questions about our wireless warehouse automation .If still have any questions after, do contact our team anytime.

How does the wireless warehouse automation work?

The wireless warehouse automation work wirelessly on RF technology at a frequency of 433.92Mhz.

I have no knowledge of electronics, how can I setup the wireless warehouse automation ?

SEWACall™ wireless warehouse automation is 100% plug & play systems , with no requirement of installation or any configuration at your end. You get a fully configured and working systems.

How far does the wireless warehouse automation transmit signal?

Signal is transmitted upto distance of 70-100 meters in an open area.

What if I need to send signal farther than 100 mts?

Multiple signal repeaters can be used transmit the signal to larger distances.

Do I need to install WIFI for the system to work?

No, its a standalone system, which do not require any extra devices to be installed. All the devices we send will suffice the working of the wireless warehouse automation.

Which battery is supported by the wireless call buttons?

All the call buttons work on 23A 12V battery.

Can I extend the wireless warehouse automation in the near future as per my needs?

SEWACall™ wireless warehouse automation are flexible & modular design systems in which any number of devices can be added or removed anytime in future without impacting the existing systems.

What is the price of wireless warehouse automation ?

Price of wireless warehouse automation varies as per requirement. You can share your full requirement with our team and get the exact price for the wireless warehouse automation that can fulfil your requirement.

Are the wireless warehouse automation solutions a fixed product/service ?

No, we tailor the solutions by making combinations of different products to fit in your requirements to the best. You can discuss same with the team in initial discussions.

Is monitoring software mandatory for the wireless warehouse automation ?

No, monitoring software if only required if you have requirements for data analysis or logging.