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About SEWACall™ wireless hotel call bell systems

One of the most defining aspects of hotel industry is that it focuses on customer satisfaction,providing them the best class and luxury services. We provide the best technical and digital solutions for the conventional manual ways that guests uses to ask for privacy or cleaning up their rooms or calling up for service.
Our SEWACall™ solution gives guests their privacy or service calls with a single click from their beds.

Guest Experience

Create the best experience for guests for the duration of their stay with you from food standards to good service.

Fast Response

Instant and discrete communication between guests and attendants at the touch of a button.

Enhanced Branding

Advertising opportunities available on products to raise awareness of offers or events.

Why SEWACall™?

SEWACall™ wireless hotel call bells are well developed as per latest technology trends that ensure to benefit the client business and their customers as well.
Increased service quality & customer satisfaction will ensure maximized revenue to our clients.

Advantages of wireless hotel call bell system

  • Improvised hospitality.
  • Guest's better privacy.
  • Discrete communication between staff and guests.
  • Wall mounted Wireless installation.
  • Low maintenance cost system.
  • Technology oriented and user friendly.
Advantages of wireless hotel call bell system

A VIDEO can help you in gaining a better insight about the SEWACall™ systems.

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Product Range

SEWACall™ wireless hotel call bells has variety of products that are put together to build up a best solution to fulfil your any complex requirements.
The system have various transmitters and receivers , monitoring softwares which are combined to make typical solutions to be used in various business areas.

SEWA Call Button

SEWA Call Button

SEWA Call Button

SEWA Call Button

Display Receiver [ <i class='fa fa-usb' aria-hidden='true'></i> ]

Display Receiver [ ]

Display receiver

Display receiver

Watch receiver

Watch receiver

Signal Repeater

Signal Repeater

Call Button Battery

Call Button Battery

frequently asked questions

One always have a question on mind, please check below frequently asked questions about our wireless hotel call bells .If still have any questions after, do contact our team anytime.

How does the wireless hotel call bells work?

The wireless hotel call bells work wirelessly on RF technology at a frequency of 433.92Mhz.

I have no knowledge of electronics, how can I setup the wireless hotel call bells ?

SEWACall™ wireless hotel call bells is 100% plug & play systems , with no requirement of installation or any configuration at your end. You get a fully configured and working systems.

How far does the wireless hotel call bells transmit signal?

Signal is transmitted upto distance of 70-100 meters in an open area.

What if I need to send signal farther than 100 mts?

Multiple signal repeaters can be used transmit the signal to larger distances.

Do I need to install WIFI for the system to work?

No, its a standalone system, which do not require any extra devices to be installed. All the devices we send will suffice the working of the wireless hotel call bells.

Which battery is supported by the wireless call buttons?

All the call buttons work on 23A 12V battery.

Can I extend the wireless hotel call bells in the near future as per my needs?

SEWACall™ wireless hotel call bells are flexible & modular design systems in which any number of devices can be added or removed anytime in future without impacting the existing systems.

What is the price of wireless hotel call bells ?

Price of wireless hotel call bells varies as per requirement. You can share your full requirement with our team and get the exact price for the wireless hotel call bells that can fulfil your requirement.

If I use table top SEWACall™ button , what is the chance to get it lost?

You can always use a table stand and the SEWACall™ button remains fixed in the stands, reducing the chances of lost to nil.