How Technology Like Wireless Waiter Call Is Enhancing Restaurant Service

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Oct 30 2021
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Seamless communication between a customer and waiters is what elevates a dining experience. With the rampant evolution of Wireless Waiter Call technologies, the experience is deemed to improve simultaneously.

Wireless waiter calling enhancing restaurant services

Restaurants that are still not leveraging the benefits of wireless waiter calling are missing out on an opportunity to drastically improve their customer service experience. 

The modern wireless calling system for restaurants is designed to improve service delivery and uninterrupted communication. 

Traditionally, restaurants use a megaphone for calling guests to the delivery section or shouting when an order is ready.

Not only does it create an unnecessary loud noise that disrupts customer experience, but it might also create discomfort amongst customers. 

 This is why a restaurant needs a wireless waiter calling system so that customers can experience what we call "fine dining." 

Before we dive into the benefits of having a wireless waiter calling system, let us first go through the several aspects of a restaurant that may ruin the customer service experience. 


What Ruins a Restaurant's Experience?

Be it for an everyday meal or for a well-planned date, whenever a customer is visiting a restaurant, a customer is not only expecting good food but also great hospitality because the end bill not only consists of the food price but a holistic cost of the experience. 


Inattentive Staffs

Inattentive staff is frustrating for customers and a curse for the restaurants. Since the customers will be paying the money, make sure you provide them with an experience 's worth the amount.

A high-efficiency wireless waiter call system will rule out the possibility of unattentive staff while maintaining the utmost privacy. 

Empty Beverages

A hungry soul is thirsty too. The best way to greet a customer as soon as they enter a restaurant is to provide them with a hot or cold beverage, depending on their choice. 

This is the first step towards warm hospitality that every restaurant should abide by. 

No Ambiance

Every restaurant needs a theme or an ambiance that their customers can vibe along. Lack of ambiance or theme makes a restaurant dull and boring. 

Restaurant and Staff Not Following Health Code

Hygiene is a critical aspect of a good restaurant. Regardless of how clean your restaurant is, if your staff is not following the basic health code, then you are ruining your service experience drastically. 

Staffs Bad Mouthing Customers

Often the restaurant staff come across as rude or misbehaving customers. The world is filled with annoying people, and it is human for the staff to get frustrated. But, it is advised to vent out their frustration in a place from where it is inaudible to the rest of the customers. 

Food Taking Forever to Reach Table 

Slow service is bad service. If it takes forever for the food to reach the customer's table, be prepared to lose your customer because a hungry stomach has no ears. 

Bill Presentation

Presentation is the key to building and maintaining decency. From food to bill, each part of your service should be presented with optimal decency. 

Though most of them need to be solved with regular training, a major part of customer experience can be improved by the integration of technology as a part of customer service. A wireless waiter service system not only improves the customer experience but also improves the efficiency of a restaurant drastically. 

Advantages of Wireless Calling System for Restaurants

Waiter calling systems have been under improvisation for many years. However, with the evolution of the wireless waiter call system, efficiency has been taken a step further. 

Here are some of the major advantages that a restaurant can experience using a wireless waiter calling system. 


# Enriched Productivity and Communication 

Let's start with how a wireless waiter calling system works. 

A wireless calling system comprises two devices connected using a wireless frequency. 

One device is with the customer while the other is with the waiter or is kept at the delivery desk. 

In a typical restaurant scenario, whenever the customer is ready to order, they can press the button on the wireless device, a signal is being sent to the waiter's device along with the table number. 

As soon as the notification is sent to the wireless waiter calling, the assigned waiter can attend to the customer. This improves communication and encourages privacy. 

In another self-serve restaurant, after a customer has placed an order, they can wait at their table. As soon as food gets ready, the staff from the delivery desk can send a notification to the customer that their order is ready, and the customer can pick it from the desk. This eliminates the chances of any confusion, aimless waiting, and wrong delivery. 


# Elevated Customer Satisfaction

As your customer service gets better, your customer satisfaction will improve in parallel. The environmentally friendly waiter calling device helps restaurants to not only improve their staff efficiency but also improve restaurant customer service. 

A wireless waiter calling device helps customers to sit back and relax while their order is being prepared. They need to be aware of when the waiter will be around or attend to them so that they can place their order. 

They can simply press the button on the device whenever they are ready to order, and a waiter can attend to them and note down their orders. 

A notification can also be sent from the kitchen to the waiter whenever the food is ready by a device, commonly known as kitchen call system. This will help restaurants to deliver hot and fresh food to customers directly, which eventually improves their experience. 

Waiters don't need to rush around tables and get confused with orders. Without a wireless waiter service system, customers need to wave to grab the waiter's attention, and in the worst-case scenario, they need to shout. 

With a restaurant calling system, all they need to do is press a button. This further helps in maintaining discrete communication between customers and staff. 


Enhanced Customer Retention 

Better customer service will help you to improve customer experience that will eventually help you build a loyal customer community who would prefer to come back to your restaurant. Once you implement a wireless waiter calling system in your restaurant, you can witness notable growth within a short span of time. 

Wrapping Up

Integrating a wireless waiter calling device must be a priority if you are looking forward to enhancing your profits without disrupting the customer experience. Instant communication between customers and staff plays a critical role in the restaurant business.