Hotel Call Systems in India: Taking Hospitality to a New Level

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Feb 17 2022
Jpnovations Solutions

If the doubts keep piling up in your mind while buying a Hotel Call Bell System, You are at the correct place to have all your answers. We understand. We've already been through the whole process of how Wireless Call System works. To save your valuable time, we have prepared a comprehensive guide that needs to be taken care of while buying a Hotel Call System.

wireless hotel call system

We understand that Hotels and Resorts are one of the most crucial industries in customer service. But, especially in India, with guests demanding the best service available, hotels and resorts need more efficient ways of meeting those demands.

You can go for an intelligent wireless hotel call system solution to improve your business efficiency and customer service.


Adaptation of the hotel call system in the existing ecosystem

A Hotel call system can be utilized only when it is installed in a strategically calculated position so that the guests can use this device without any struggle. For example, the Call Button can be fixed to the guest's bedside tables in their rooms. To have a quick look at the requests from the guests, the display monitor can be mounted on the wall in the reception area or the kitchen. 

Relevant staff members can wear the wrist watches receiver. After the guests push the call button, the room number of the visitors who require assistance is displayed on both the wristwatch receiver and the display monitor.


Different use scenarios of Hotel Call System:

1.       Guest to Staff Member or Reception

When a hotel or guest house visitor needs assistance, they just press the call button, which can either be carried on a lanyard or fixed to the guest's bedside table. The receptionist or other staff members are immediately notified via the wristwatch receiver or the display monitor in the reception.

2.       Manager or Reception to Staff

When a staff member in the hotel or guest's home is needed, the receptionist or manager presses the call button in the reception area or manager's office, alerting the staff member. The alert notifications will pop up on the smartwatch of the respective staff. 

3.       Conference Rooms to Staff Members

When members or visitors in a conference room require the assistance of a hotel or guest house staff member, they just push the call button. As a result, the staff member is notified via a wristwatch receiver or a display monitor when this call to action is received.


Improving the Hospitality Experience with Hotel Call Systems 

To retain customer loyalty and ensure a higher customer satisfaction level, you need the 3 essential things -

  • Operating a quality hotel
  • Improving your establishment
  • Delivering unmatchable service

So, you have to know how technology can contribute to the objective of your hospitality business by delivering your guests an exceptional experience at your place?

The pointers below describe the same.

1.      Provide Superior Service

If you want to create the perfect guest experience, put technology to work for you. It will function by considering your visitors' views and creating solutions that match their needs.

Wireless call button solutions that mix in with a hotel's decor can be put discreetly in a variety of rooms, including lobby spaces, spas, conference centers, private dining rooms, and more. Easy to install and maintain, the solutions can be used as standalone or integrated with two-way radios and systems software for an enhanced infrastructure.

2.       Improve Staff Communication

When you give your teams the ability to communicate with one another, they can respond to guests requests.

Organize services and provide feedback on solutions. From management to transportation, housekeeping, guest services, and security, an integrated two-way radio system ensures that all departments communicate quickly.

3.       Increase Emergency Responsiveness

Being a hospitality business owner, your highest priority should be your guests comfort and safety. Critical alert solutions manage alarms and alerts while improving responsiveness and maintaining an excellent guest experience. 

The ability to provide complete insight throughout your organization ensures that teams respond fast and effectively. Your customers will regard it as a dedication by your hotel to customer service and security, as well as an investment in their safety.

4.       Consolidate Your Infrastructure

You can improve the connection within your team for a more unified communication system. You can ensure that the appropriate individuals receive messages at the right time by monitoring a whole messaging and alarm operation. In addition, you may establish a more personalized B2C relationship by increasing employee engagement.

Take Away -

In the pandemic situation and considering the cut-throat competition, the hospitality industry needs to adopt technological innovations to deliver the highest degree of guest experience. 

With your improved operational structure, try to have a competitive edge over your competitors. So, they will automatically give you great reviews and revisit your facility.

The innovation behind this system is the minimization of dependency. Keeping all doubts about quality aside, your customers can enjoy a better quality of hospitality with the advent of this excellent functionality and superior quality of Call Bell Systems.

You can feel immensely relaxed by letting your operational team into an automated mood because of excellent qualities such as user-friendly, technologically updated features, and longer-service life.

You can feel immensely relaxed by letting your operational team into an automated mood because of excellent qualities such as user-friendly, technologically updated features and longer-service life.