SEWACall™ wireless call system work on wireless RF technology with a transmission range of 70-100mts in open area and are 100% plug & play, battery operated systems.

Widely used in bars, restaurants, offices or any other place where assistance is required.

Advantages of our systems :

  •  Unique experience.
  •  Improvised hospitality.
  •  Discrete communication.
  •  Efficient use of manpower.
  •  Modular & flexible systems.
  •  Hassle free Wireless installation.
  •  Low maintenance cost system.
  •  Technology oriented and user friendly.

How wireless call system works?

  •  Wireless SEWACall™ buttons  are kept on each of tables/cabins.
  • Tables are grouped into different groups assigned to different waiters/peons. Ex here waiter A have table 1,2,3 and waiter B have table 4,5,6 to look after for service.
  •  The display reciver is kept at the steward station/pantary area. The table/cb number of the table asking for service is displayed with an audio alert to notify the stewards .
  •  The waiters wacthes are alerted for the calls coming from their respective tables only,Ex here waiter A gets service calls from table 1,2,3 , waiter B gets service calls from table 4,5,6 only and the manager gets calls for all the tables.

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Wireless Calling Systems for offices/bars/restaurants

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