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Aug 22 2021
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In the healthcare system, the quality management and patient safety program plays a pivotal role. While technological evolution is at its peak, medical science is also getting benefitted from. Implementation of advanced technology in medical science has made health care safer than ever. The advancement of medical science means having an efficient healthcare system which is capable of solving the complexity of healthcare and reach the desired outcomes In order to address the patient's needs, strengthening the patient's safety is important. An efficient medical system that is considered above acceptable level has improved its quality.

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What Exactly Is Patient Safety?

Primarily, health care professionals rely on pen and paper while prescribing medicine or suggestions to the patients. Of late, technology has added a few extra efforts for ensuring patient safety in health care. 

The constant endeavor of the medical system has always been to bring a change which will not only be cost-effective but also be sustainable.

The aim of patient safety is to reduce the risk in the health care system considering its complexity. This discipline emerged gradually by learning from the past mistakes. 

Providing safety to the patients is a fundamental thing that eventually improves the quality of service. 

When technology comes to play, a system has to be well-equipped, time, and equitable all integrated at once.

Strategies for Patient Safety and Quality Improvement 

Quality health care system is defined as the degree to which a patient is receiving the desired outcome. 

In such a scenario, the nurse calling system is an integral part of it. Nurse calling system has created a benchmark in the medical care system. 

According to the Institute of Medicine, a lot of factors work against a faulty medical care system.

One must understand that a system is not run by an individual, so teamwork is what the system requires. 

Besides teamwork, quality improvement measurement tools are required that will keep the track of the health insurance, changing cases of patients, and many other factors. 

To make a system efficient one has to incorporate education and experience both at the same time.

It is very important to make the strategy adhere to scientific evidence. This way a health care system will remain consistent with a patient’s preferences.

In order to eliminate all the inefficiencies from a system, it has to adopt various techniques. The techniques must assess the performance of the system.

Importance of Nurse calling system

While talking about understanding patient safety concepts, the nurse calling system is something meant to fill the shoes. 

There was always a desperate need for an upgraded and advanced traditional nurse calling system. 

For patients, having healthcare safer is essential, and this is the reason why this system is popularising rapidly among the health care facilities.

It is needless to say, technology can empower the medical staff which eventually improves the workflow. 

Initially, a nurse call button used to serve the purpose, but with the integration of new technology the communication between patient and nurse became smoother. 

Here are a few of the advantages of a nurse calling system.

Advantages of a Nurse Calling System

There was always a need for a system that will support the patient’s needs. When a patient is admitted at a hospital this system facilitates timely care of the patient.

  • Instant Communication

A wireless nurse calling system offers instant communication. When a patient is in dire condition, a quick response is what they need. 

When it comes to quality management and patient safety programs, a quick response from a nurse is considered as primary support. 

  • Easy to Manage

There are several hospitals that rely on paper documentation when it comes to patient admission. 

Relying on papers elongates medical research, treatment process, and other necessary works. 

So, there is a need to digitize the system as that will help you in optimizing and benchmarking the entire process. 

With the help of an intelligent wireless system one can access all the documents needed to facilitate the process.  

  • Reduces Mistakes

Relying on technology reduces mistakes. The hospital management will be able to monitor the patients easier than earlier. 

A health care system deals with various types of patients throughout the day. In due course there is a chance of making mistakes or losing important information.

Installing a wireless nurse calling system will help to avoid such mistakes. It guarantees patient safety by ensuring a constant supervision of the patients. 

The necessary information related to a patient will be registered on the system including medical staff’s name and nurse note.

  • Patient Satisfaction

The primary objective of incorporating technology in a medical system is to simplify its complexity. 

And with the help of a smooth communication, it is possible to a greater extent. An adequate attentiveness towards the patients will bring utmost patient satisfaction. It will also improve the workflow which will decrease the stress on the professionals and improve the quality and safety of the healthcare system.

Take Away

Therefore, it is evident that technology can upgrade a system so that its safety remains guaranteed. 

A nurse calling system does not only serve the patients but also improve the overall management of the healthcare system.

It is important to find a trusted company like Jpnovations Solutions Pvt Ltd to install the setup.

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