A Comprehensive Guide to Panic Alarm System and Its Uses

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Jan 29 2022
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Panic alarm systems allow people to inform and notify others in the event of a distress call for help immediately. The panic alarms provide an additional security measure to establishments and homes.

SEWACall Panic Alarm Systems

Panic alarms are ideal for uncomfortable or unsafe situations. For instance, if an armed or aggressive person suddenly breaks through your front door, picking up your phone to make a call won’t be a wise idea. In these kinds of situations, having a silent alarm that can be used unnoticed is always a wise choice. 

A panic alarm can provide a convenient and quick way to ask for help in times of emergency. 

Here, we are going to go through the various aspects of panic alarm, such as: the Necessity of Panic Alarm Systems & its usage in different scenarios


What does panic alarm systems contain?

Panic alarm systems consist of a pair of basic components; the communication system and an activation system. The activation system is handled using either a physical button or an application. 


Panic Button

The panic button is used by a person to call for help during distress.  The panic button comes as a push button, a squeeze-activated button, or as an app. 

The panic button is usually located inconspicuously so that it cannot be disable. The design of the panic button prevents accidental activation. 

Panic buttons also come in two variants, that are wired and wireless. The wired panic buttons are connected through a cable and are highly reliable and cause zero interference in a wired connection. 

Wireless panic buttons are highly convenient to use. They can be easily set up anywhere and the installation process is more convenient compared to the wired panic buttons. 

The wireless panic buttons rely on short-range transmitters and function the same way as a garage door opener. 

However, the wireless panic buttons are battery enabled. So, if the battery runs out dry, the wireless panic alarm button is pretty much useless. 


Communication System in a Panic Alarm System

The communication system summons help when the panic alarm button is triggered. The communication systems that can be used in this primarily depend on the type of resource available where the panic alarm system has been installed. 

There are primarily three types of a communication system used in a panic alarm system, that are: 

  • Off-site alarm monitoring center: 

The off-site alarm monitoring center is used in facilities where they don’t have a dedicated on-site security staff. The panic buttons are connected using an alarm control panel that sends a signal to the monitoring center when the distress button is pressed. 

The alarm monitoring center receives the signal and proceeds to call the law enforcement or other authorized authorities to the site. 

  • Security control center: 

Big scale industries have centralized security monitoring and control centers that can be present either on-site or at a central control center. The panic buttons are connected to the central communication center of the organization that transmits the alarm to the control center. 

  • Non-security personnel: 

Few organizations who don’t hire on-site security can choose to notify other staff or non-security personnel when in distress. These kinds of organizations have a response team that consists of staff from different departments. 

There are numerous ways to notify the response team when the panic button is pressed. It can be in the form of an overhead paging system, or a device that directly sends email notification or text messages directly to a mobile device. 


Tips for Using Panic Alarms Efficiently

A panic alarm should only be used in emergency situations and not for regular communication. The idea is to familiarize with the panic alarms as well as reinforce other necessary measures to provide an all around protection from external threats. 

Also, installing a surveillance camera for monitoring the area where the panic alarm system has been installed will help to add the extra layer of protection by allowing real-time recording. 

Facilities who have employed a response team should carry out the regular drill to familiarize the team by emulating emergency situations. 

Cameras that are surveilling the panic buttons should be remotely accessible by the members of the response team. 


Bidding Words

The dire need for a panic alarm system cannot be emphasized any further. With the growing concern of proper emergency response, using modern technology to make our life safer is a wise idea. Understanding how and when the panic alarm should be used is necessary for the proper utilization of the technology. 

Panic alarm systems are one of the best investments for any home, business, and any other establishment to make it feel safer and secured.