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Mar 25 2022
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You might know about the impact a panic alarm system has on older people or how traditional silent alarms can improve safety in banks and shops. But have you ever wondered about the amount of improvement it can bring to your business place? Small business owners know the amount of money and time that needs to be invested in running a business. From coordinating on daily tasks to ensuring quality service and communicating with clients, there is a lot that goes on in a small business to keep it running.

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Lack of a small business security system might lead to lost assets, lost revenue as well as compromised safety. Moreover, when you have data breaches, losses due to vandalism and other crimes, the impact of security becomes more powerful. 

When it comes to large corporations, they have insurance against such massacres. So, they don't need to go through a catastrophic situation since most of the losses will be covered under insurance. 

However, when it comes to small businesses, which ranges from retail stores, restaurants to manufacturers have narrower financial margins. 

This is why it is important to have a security plan ready for small businesses to cover the loss of products, expensive electronics, inventory or products that can cripple their organizations or business. 

Do You Need A Panic Alarm System for Business?


All kinds of businesses already have a security system at their business. Be it in the form of a security guard or CCTV camera, and all businesses have some kind of security to protect their inventory, equipment or sensitive information. 

However, a Panic Alarm System adds value to your business. It could drastically improve the security as well as the safety of your business. 

Wireless panic alarms systems are also extremely beneficial in places where you might need to call for help if there is an emergency. 


Common examples such as an environment where a panic alarm system can be utterly helpful in preventing disasters are: 

  • Hospitality staff or front house staff
  • Janitors or cleaners (in business, hotel or private homes)
  • Late shift workers
  • Shopworkers
  • Delivery drivers
  • Healthcare workers (such as paramedics, nurses and community care workers)
  • Security Staff

What is a Panic Alarm System?

The purpose of a panic alarm is to equip a person who is under some type of distress to silently and remotely call for help when there is an emergency. The panic alarm systems are also known as "hold-up alarms", "duress alarms", or "panic buttons". 

Traditional panic alarms can be uncontrollable or unsafe to call for help in situations such as armed robbery. In addition, if the person standing in front of you, who is already going through a headrush of adrenaline, sees you pressing a button, they might end up losing control and causing accidents. 

On the other hand, a wireless panic alarm can deliver a message quietly and discreetly without drawing anyone's notice.


Some of the perfect places for wireless emergency alarms are:

  • Security stations and checkpoints.
  • Receptionist's desks in building lobbies.
  • Customer service counters.
  • Shipping/receiving areas.
  • Rooms where cash or other valuables are received, processed, or stored.
  • Check-out counters and cashier's stations.
  • Interview rooms in the Human Resources department.
  • Places where confrontations with the public are likely to occur.
  • Executive office suites.


Components of Panic Alarm System

Panic alarms consist of two basic parts: 

  • Panic Buttons

The panic button in a panic alarm system is a remote device that can be kept fixed at a designated location or can be carried along as a key chain. When pressed, the device will send a signal to the receiver, which needs to be installed at a location or kept with a person who can respond to emergencies. 

The panic buttons in a panic alarm system are available in different forms. Such as, they can be in the form of a single pushbutton, two push buttons for raising different alarms, can be squeezed, or the device can be installed near the foot so that when required, it can be activated using the foot. 

Wireless panic buttons have a short transmission range similar to the garage door openers. However, the transmission range can be extended using an extender. 


  • Communication System

The communications system is the procedure used to call for help when the panic button is pressed. The communications system used depends on the resources available at a facility where the panic alarm button is being installed and according to the level of security threat.


Types of Panic Devices and Systems 

There are different types of panic alarm systems available that can be used for various situations. 

Some common types of panic devices and systems have been listed below. 

  • Wireless panic alarms

The most common types of panic alarms can be used under the counter alarms or carried by the user. It can be kept with the receptionist, and they can carry it when they leave the desk. 

  • 'Under the counter' silent panic alarms 

Useful for shops, gas stations, banks and jewellery stores where there is a requirement to send a signal discreetly without informing anyone other than the receiver.

The signal is often sent to the management team, internal security team, or an external security company. 

  • 'Smart' panic alarms

The trigger button of a smart panic alarm is usually installed on a smart device, such as a mobile phone. Hence, the name, smart panic alarms. 

During an emergency, the user can tap the alert button, which will send out an alert and then start the live GPS tracker. The alert is sent to the user's supervisors, who can see the user's location, task history, and relevant medical information.


Take Away

Jpnovation provides users with some of the best panic alarm systems for businesses that are designed to improve safety and security. From a manufacturing industry to a hotel lobby, wireless panic alarm systems are useful in multiple scenarios.