The Evolution of Nurse Calling Technologies to Improve Patient Safety and Healthcare

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Oct 06 2021
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Nurse call systems have always been an integral part of the healthcare industry. It is always considered to be interwoven in human lives. Since its introduction in the healthcare sector, it has seen a massive evolution over the last few decades. Thanks to the forever evolving technology, nurse calling systems are now highly advanced. These systems have evolved in significant ways to cater to the specific requirements of both employees and patients. Due to such advancements, every leading hospital is looking for the best nurse calling system available in the market. They aim to integrate such systems to improve patient services as well as operational efficiencies.

Evolution of Wireless Nurse Calling Technologies

What Is A Nurse Call System?

The nurse call systems refer to the devices that use wireless technology to help the caregivers and hospital staff serve their patients without delay and minute care . These devices are the perfect solutions that utilize advanced technology to facilitate proper communication between the patients and the healthcare providers.

A Brief History Of Nurse Call Systems

Well, the nurse call systems were born during the war times. However, many researchers claim that the nurse calling system dates back to as early as the mid-1800s.

During the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale felt the need for a system to help the patients communicate directly with the nurses. She realized the necessity of a bell that could notify the nurses without any delay. 

With that idea, the rudimentary alarm bell placed across the patient's bedside area came into existence. This was one of the most significant concepts of all time that did deliver outstanding results. Therefore, with the advancement of time, this system started to grow more complicated and technologically advanced to provide excellent healthcare outcomes.

Initially, the traditional bedside bells were replaced with the central processor unit. It was accompanied by sound and light notification systems. However, healthcare technology needed more progress as the nurses could identify the need for two-way audio systems. In addition, it was required to communicate with patients directly to understand the requirement before rushing to any particular patient.

Due to extensive studies and research, there has been a steady evolution of nurse calling technologies now. As a result, today's systems are much more advanced, complex but easy to use and deliver spectacular results. In addition, they now offer mobile-device solutions which can be accessible by everyone in need.

And the highly user-friendly interface makes it an ideal tool to deliver excellent services round the clock. As a result, the administrators can make the patients happy and manage emergencies quite easily.

How Can Nurse Call Systems Help In Quality Improvement In the Healthcare Industry?


Here are some of the ways how the evolution of the nurse call system has helped in the notable growth of the healthcare sector:

Shifting The Focus On Your Patients Helps

One of the primary reasons healthcare institutions are keen on implementing the nurse call systems for hospitals is that it saves you time. That means it helps you to channelize the hospital resources for providing quality services to the patients.

The advanced systems help the nurses to communicate freely with the patients without any delay. That means the nurses get to save time that they can utilize to focus on the specific requirements of the patients that can potentially boost the hospital business.


Minimizes Stress & Work Anxiety

Did you know there are around 28 million nurses across the globe? As per WHO, this data still shows the scarcity of nursing professionals in the market. Along with proper medical equipment, hospitals also continue fighting to get better nursing professionals onboard.

Due to this shortage, the nurses are always facing stress and anxiety in their workplace. And sometimes, the workload gets worse enough to force them to leave this profession.

With the proper implementation strategy and these nurse call systems, this problem can be controlled. With the reduction in paperwork and improving communication between professionals and patients, one can slightly minimize the stress.


Demand For Telehealth Services

Everything is going digital now. So, there is a massive demand for online healthcare services. Due to the current COVID situation, telehealth services have seen enormous growth and will continue in 2022.

Therefore, the nurse call system can be a great addition to this sector. In addition, the advanced automation of the nurse's tasks, flexible communicating modes, and higher patient response time can help the long-distance association between healthcare professionals and patients.


Holistic Care Gets Easier With Nurse Call System

Holistic healthcare approaches show great potential and hence are pretty on the rise. However, the procedure requires integrating every patient's personal, physical, emotional, and mental needs.

As a result, this approach requires the periodic incorporation of a wide range of data which can elongate the entire healthcare process. And so, it can also waste a lot of time that can be utilized for healthcare quality improvement.

Here comes the utility of these IP-based nurse call systems. They not only offer utmost patient safety but also help in managing data and information. These systems offer you the perfect communication solutions as the data remain saved within a cloud database that is directly connected with the hospital network. That means you never have to worry about losing the patient data or devising the right patient care plans.


An Essential For Emergencies

Since these nurse call systems simplify the communication barrier between the patients and hospital professionals, these are ideal for emergencies. It helps in patient safety improvement and thus is in high demand in the healthcare market. As the professionals can stay connected with the patients 24*7, therefore, they no longer have to worry about being late in handling any emergencies.


Rewarding For Every Healthcare Expert

When you serve your patients on time and deliver superior quality services, you start loving your job and workplace. That is why these nurse call systems are essential for healthcare institutions.

Updating these real-time locating systems can help the nurses to manage their work correctly without compromising their comfort. It helps them save energy and time and feel way better at their jobs than in earlier times.


All In All

The healthcare industry has seen massive evolutionary trends over the last few decades. And it will continue to increase with the proper incorporation of technology and gadgets like the nurse call system. As highlighted above, these systems help the hospitals deliver prompt services to the patients and help the nurses manage their work appropriately.

These systems are easily accessible with smartphones and can be used by all. That is why every healthcare department can get this machine installed for increasing efficiency and delivering better services.

However, take a moment to research a little more about these systems and select the right supplier to get the advanced features without any troubles. Till then, diagnose properly and offer your patients healthcare services, with care!