Emergence of Wireless Panic Button for a Safer & Smarter future

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Sep 1 2021
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Technology seems to be dominating our world. And among the different gadgets, the wireless panic alarm system is one of the innovative devices that helps us to create a safer future for our loved ones. How? Let us find out here!

Wireless Panic Alarm Systems

Introduction to Panic Alarms

The first thing to know about any wireless panic alarm system is that it isn't directly dependent on any sort of cellular service. Instead, you can refer to it as the wireless duress system which is meant to be used in establishments where the cell service isn't quite available, or might not be available for prolonged sessions. 


What is the Purpose of a Panic Button?

The sole purpose of the development of such devices is to help employees stay connected even in places where the cell network might not be available. Also, in the case of hospitals and other such setups, it helps the workers to keep a close watch on the patients without having to be around them always. These are also quite beneficial for the ones working in dangerous situations or with hazardous materials in the laboratories. 


Components of Wireless Panic Alarm System

To understand the working principle of this wireless product, you need to know the basic components that constitute the same.


  • Panic Button

As the name clearly states, the device consists of a trigger button that can be activated by the user whenever he or she requires any assistance. The buttons can be of various types: single or double push, which can be squeezed or pressed with a foot, depending on the setup. Also, in case of robbery, these are activated due to the removal of cash or any valuable items. 


The panic buttons utilize the short-range radio transmitter which is quite similar to that being used along with the garage door openers. Also, these can be integrated almost anywhere, making it an ideal solution to both corporate as well as residential setups. 


  • Communications System

The panic button comes along with the communication system which is chiefly the method used to alert the concerned authorities about the user’s condition. It is used to send signals to the receiver to let the other person know about the current condition of the user and thereby send appropriate assistance without wasting any time.  


How Does a Wireless Panic Alarm System Work?

The wireless panic alarm system seems to work on the RF technology which utilizes the transmission range of 70 to 100 meters in any open area. These are easy to plug and play almost at any location and are battery-operated systems.


Using the RF technology, the wireless emergency panic alarm system helps all the people stay in touch by using a signaling system. A person in any emergency can trigger the alarm, and the one with the system is alerted with the help of such signals. Therefore, the system works just like any ordinary paging device. 


As a result of its wireless setup, these tools are highly recommended for daily use in secured areas, gyms, hospitals, banks, and many more. The ones that are available with the pull cords buttons can be simply integrated into the washrooms. 


Also, these are highly reliable devices for designated locations, where one can trigger the alarm and notify the concerned authorities about their emergencies. The panic alarm sets 110 dB alarm signals that are quite loud enough to alert the people nearby. Along with that, it comes with sensory lights available in green, red, or blue color that blinks accordingly.


Advantages Of Wireless Panic Alarm System

Now that you already have an idea about the panic button and its mechanism, you need to know the valid reasons for implementing it. Well, if you are concerned about the wellbeing of your loved ones, or aim to provide seamless services to older adults and other people as well, this one is a great device for your establishment. 


However, for your reference, we have listed some of the benefits of the wireless panic button here:


  • Carry It Around, Anytime, Anywhere

Yes, one of the biggest advantages of using any wireless device is that it helps you to carry the gadget around. And you no longer have to get tangled in those nasty wires again. 


It is the perfect solution for every employee as well as older adults who want to move around freely without the hassle of managing wires. Therefore, this happens to be the perfect partner for every individual to deal with their emergencies without any trouble.


  • Avoid Mishaps

Accidents can pretty much occur at any time and anywhere. But getting this wireless panic button can help you to avoid these mishaps most of the time. Since, it is well connected to different alert systems that can provide appropriate emergency assistance, hence investing in such technology would be the best solution for avoiding any accidents. 


  • Easy To Integrate & Use

The wireless panic buttons available in the market are pretty easy to integrate and do not require any professional expertise. You can get easy and hassle-free wireless installation, provided that you choose the manufacturing company wisely.


  • One-click Trigger, Flexible Use

As already highlighted above, the panic button is pretty easy to install. And along with that, it is pretty simple to use. It comes with a one-click trigger that can be operated anywhere by any person, irrespective of their technical knowledge. 


As such systems are meant for emergencies, hence, these are ideal for older adults. Therefore, one can use such solutions both in healthcare setups as well as homes.


  • Peace Of Mind for You

When you know that you are always connected with your loved ones, and can alert the people appropriately during emergencies, you do not have to worry again. Although these wireless panic buttons do not guarantee 100 percent safety, they do help you to devise the right safety management to handle any emergencies at home or anywhere.


Do You Really Need a Wireless Emergency Panic Alarm System?

If you look closely at the working principle and the advantages of integrating this wireless system, you do not have to second guess its utility in your life. 


Whether you run a healthcare center or your home, a panic alarm system is a must for the safety of your family. And if you have older adults at your place, then it is one of the best solutions to control any accidents. 


However, remember that every device is manufactured to make our lives easier and more comfortable. But they cannot guarantee happiness or ultimate security in any case. Therefore, even these wireless panic systems are not fully equipped to stop any accidents. 


But they are the ones that can alarm the authorities and thereby diminish the occurrences to a greater extent. So, invest in these quality measurements wisely to get maximum benefits.