How does Cinema Paging System help in Movie Theaters?

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Nov 1 2022
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Statistics have found that around 114 locations use the Regal Guest Response System (RGRS). Now, what is RGRS? RGRS helps a selection of moviegoers who can now install a new theater paging device. This new paging device helps them to alert the management in case of any unforeseen situation.

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What is a public address system?

This electronic system comprises amplifiers, microphones, headphones, and other related types of equipment. A public address system is found wherever there is a stage performance. It involves a large area and increases the apparent volume of a human voice, an instrument, or music. 

Wireless call system in cinemas: A guide

It is a seat-assisting calling system for cinemas that was developed to bring innovation to the cinema industry. A wireless cinema calling system looks into the comfort of guests. It helps improve the guests' experience and gives them a chance to come back over there for unadulterated comfort. 

In what ways does a wireless cinema paging system work?

The Wireless InSeat calling system for cinemas works with RF technology. It has a transmission rate of 70 to 100 mts in an open area. These are the kinds of systems that are operated by batteries. 

These wireless buttons are placed on the inner side of the recliner chairs in cinema halls. These are connected to illuminated call or cancel buttons that are mounted over the recliner chairs.

Someone needing immediate service might press the call button, and then the color will change from normal white to warm bright. The display receiver of the cinema paging system is connected to the PC that has been kept in the service area. 

After providing immediate service to the guest, the cancel button is pressed from the same recliner chair to mark the end of the wireless call. Optional signal boosters are used to increase the distance of transmission. 

Pros of using Wireless call system for cinemas 

There is a positive side to using a wireless call system for cinemas. It serves a lot of purposes in one go. Before you venture out to buy the cinema call system, you must do your research on it

Come, let us see what the pros are of using a wireless cinema call device

  • Technology-oriented- Manual services are less preferred than technologically driven services in this 21st century. This wireless cinema call system is one of the devices that make use of the finest technology to give its users the finest service. 
  • Response monitoring- This is a system that works towards response monitoring. Response monitoring is a way of managing user responses and keeping a record of them. From that record, it would be easier to analyze and monitor the responses of the user.
  • Efficient use of labor- To provide a smooth user experience, some labor is absolutely necessary. Now, the main aspect is that if we can transmit and channel the efforts and labor into the proper path, the experience of the user would be more fruitful. A cinema paging system works for this cause. 
  • Service at one click- Guests in cinema halls are now entitled to get service at one click with the help of this kind of system. It is wireless and needs a single click to solve all your problems. 
  • Improvised hospitality- This cinema paging system vouches to provide its audience with the best kind of hospitality. It takes the help of technology to gift the viewers with improvised hospitality.
  • Low cost of maintenance- After reading about the cinema paging system, you might think that the cost of this system is very high. But the real thing is that it has a very low maintenance cost. 
  • More chances of communication between the staff and the guest- This system ensures that there are more chances of communication between the guest and the staff. This makes the service interactive and filled with care and hospitality for the guest.
  • Easy installation procedure- The installation procedure of this wireless device is easy and hassle-free.

Prerequisites of staff for working in wireless cinema calling setup

There are various ways the staff must be equipped before taking responsibility for wireless cinema calling setup. They must also possess certain qualities that make them the ideal staff in this regard. 

Let us see what those are.

  1. They must be technologically advanced- Technological advancement is a prerequisite for the staff who are handling wireless cinema calls. With a tech-savvy mind, they could easily understand the various know-how in this regard.
  2. They must be dynamic- Dynamism is the key to such works. It helps one quickly follow commands and get easily equipped with the newer additions of the work involved here.
  3. They must be quick learners- The workers or staff of this field must be quick learners. This would help them to grasp newer concepts and ideas easily.
  4. They must be amicable- As these workers serve the guests, they must behave in a very amicable way with their customers.


Software interface in wireless cinema calling setup

Jpnovations comes with a wireless calling system of the new age. It enables you to receive calls on your computer device. The software also gives you an opportunity to analyze the calls and monitor the performance of your staff. 


As it has become evident to you, the cinema call system is the day's call. It ensures more interaction with the hosts and the guests in the cinema halls. It uses the new age technology to manifest finer user experiences.