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About Jpnovations Solutions Pvt Ltd

Jpnovations Solutions Pvt Ltd. is started by IIT-D/NIT alumni with vision of accelerating the hospitality sector of India with latest technology and trends. Our founders have over 5 years of research & development experience in Marketing, Manufacturing, Smart Devices and Internet of Things(IoT). Before starting this venture, our founders visited various countries like South Korea, Taiwan & China to undertsand this technology and came with this novel idea to implement various Wireless Calling/Coaster Pager/Guest Paging Systems in most of the hospitality sectors viz restaurants, hotels, bars, cinemas, hospitals. Our motto is to innovate the way the hospitality industry interact with their guests.
Currently we provide our solutions in North India including Delhi, Noida, NCR, Chandigarh.

Our Modus Operandi

Our work process will ensure that our client gets best in class service.
We focus on both before and after sales services.










A technical team will come and suggest in analyzing the equipment and system best suited for client's business. It will be followed by a free demo.


It involves setting up machinery at client's venues, give easy how-to instructions and provide user manuals. Its completely dust free work and will be finished within an hour.


We will frequently visit to inspect the system. In case of any technical problem, our team would reach and repair within 48 hours. If unable, your equipment will be replaced with new one.


We will upgrade your system with newer equipments,existing client would be acknowledged first. If client is interested, our team would reach and replace those equipment.

Experience faster, unique, better service and care.

From creating unique technological marvels that enhances and compliments your existing brand and style, to delivery, installation and the unrivaled aftersupport and service.
Let us take you on a journey to ever increasing revenue and guest happiness and satisfaction.

Ready to evolve and transcend your business?

What we can do for you?

The Wireless Calling Solutions from Jpnovations ensure to benefit both the client business and their customers as well.

Increase your revenue

Happy guest means more money.Our clients experience from 10-25% increased revenue, some even more.

Improved guest satisfaction

Give your guests the best.Happier guests means better feedback and improved guest loyalty.

Faster turnaround

We provide your guests with an easy way to let your staff know that they wish to pay, making room for new guests.

More efficient staff

Let your staff service guests that need attention instead of wasting time being everywhere other than where they are needed.


We are full service agreements at very affordable prices. Roughly said, if one call button installed sells 1 extra beverage per day, that button is more than paid for.

Quality and reliability

We understand the importance of having equipment that works, all the time, every day. All products delivered by us are tough, durable and will keep on servicing you.

A few selected clients already enhanced by, evolved from , advanced by, enjoying the innovations from Jpnovations!

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Our Solutions

Jpnovations provides various calling solutions for all hospitality areas including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, kitchens, bars, cafes, cinemas, theatres.
We provide Waiter Calling Systems, Nurse Calling Systems, In-Seat Calling Systems and many more solutions to suit best to your business areas.

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