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Frisbee Coaster Paging Systems

Jpnovations Wireless Coaster Paging System is developed to innovate the way the self service industry interacts with their customers. Frisbee Coaster Paging system is widely used in coffee shops , food courts, dessert shops, fast food restuarants. The classical round shape allows best sense of holding. The coaster system provide efficient service and establish friendly communcation between staff and customers.
Customer gets frisbee from counter and when food is ready, staff use keypad to notify guest to pickup up the food , the frisbee vibrates and lights up at customer end.

Fresh Food

Ensure food is produced to the highest standards and served quickly, hot and fresh to your guests.

Enhanced Branding

Advertising opportunities available on the coaster to raise awareness of offers and events.

Better Communication

Discreet communication between the staff and the customer at the press of a button.

Product Range

Jpnovations Wireless Calling System has variety of products that are put together to build up a best solution.
The system have call buttons,wrist watches,displays and keypads , which can be used in various business areas.

Frisbee Coaster

Frisbee Coaster

Touch Keypad

Touch Keypad

Charging Cradle

Charging Cradle

A DEMO will help you in gaining more insight about the calling system.

Demo is free and its just a click away.


Why us?

The Wireless Calling Solutions from Jpnovations ensure to benefit the client business and their customers as well.
Increased service quality & customer satisfaction will ensure maximized revenue to our clients.


  • Fast food pick up.
  • Serve your guests with hot and fresh food.
  • Reduction in waiting time for customers.
  • Easy to use.
  • Hassle free Wireless installation.
  • Low maintenance cost system.
  • Technology oriented and user friendly.

Know more about Frisbee

Jpnovations Frisbee Coaster Pager is designed in round shape to give the customer best sense of holding. The antivibrate cushion is added for long endurance and high waterproof degree.The product is easily configurable to any order number. The keypad is equipped with InfraRed technology for fast and easy operations.The charding cradle support chargin for 10 pagers at a time.

  • Easy to install,save space & time.
  • Anti 10 meters drop.
  • Support 1-9999 number orders.
  • Pioneer technology of IR coding.

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